For construction, we use the very best joinery possible. Our highly trained craftsmen use traditional joints such as mortise and tennon to ensure our pieces will last for centuries. Although pieces are usually made of domestic woods such as Claro Walnut, oak, maple, birch, and cherry, we also have an extraordinary selection of European Pear, English Oak, English Walnut, Peruvian Walnut, Redwood, Bubinga, Teak, Zelkova, East Indian Rosewood, East Indian Laurel, Ebony, Zebra Wood, Parota, Wenge, and Mahogany,

In our finishing process we use a custom blend of oils to penetrate deeply into each piece. We hand-rub the finish in between each coat to maximize the natural color, grain patterns and beauty within. This finish type of finish allows the wood to "breathe" in your home as it once did in a forest.

Aware that any tradition eventually runs out of energy and interest, we continue to embrace new projects and experiment with different forms, scale, and varieties of wood in our work.

SETTING UP DESIGN APPOINTMENT: Please call to make design appointments.


  • The type and size of piece you desire
  • Size and shape of the room in which the piece will be placed (room plans with dimensions would be ideal)
  • Type or color of wood you prefer
  • Acceptable price range

PRELIMINARY DESIGN: If you are able to visit David’s studio for a face-to-face appointment, he will give you a complimentary design consultation. After the consultation David will sketch concepts for your review and approval. 10% of the estimated price is required as a down payment at this time. This will get your job into the schedule and is non-refundable if the order is cancelled.

PRODUCTION: 50% of the estimated price is due before proceeding to production. During the final stage our woodworkers are fully engaged in the process from raw material to finished piece. Wood selection is finalized and shop drawings sent for approval.

DELIVERY: When your one-of-a-kind piece is completed we will arrange delivery, with charges collect to your door. This is not only a piece of furniture; it is a piece of art. The final 40% is due two weeks prior to confirmation of shipping date, and a storage charge will be incurred for items waiting to ship longer than one month as our holding areas are very limited.